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We strive to raise awareness, educate, and collaborate with partners and stakeholders, paving the way for humanitarian design work. Are you interested? Let’s connect!

We raise awareness

The first step towards our common humanitarian goal is teaming up to bring information to light: we are a community dedicated to raising awareness on social issues and the potential of design to bring positive change. We advocate to bridge humanitarian and design sectors together through conferences, presentations, social media, live or online events.

We educate

As our community grows and shares experience, our shared knowledge enable us to tailor educational programmes ranging from online trainings and in-person workshops to academic courses. We also offer and shape multiple formats of documentation exploring ethical consideration standards and humanitarian design methodologies.

We collaborate

Once we speak the same language, we can collaborate effectively and leverage our design expertise to help tackle humanitarian and social challenges. We aim to build long-term relationships with partners like grassroots organisations, INGOs, schools, or universities, connecting our network and knowledge to ensure successful project delivery.

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