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Bridging the gap

To connect, advise, stand and act. We are champions of design practices in the humanitarian sector, equipping designers with the tools and purpose to make a lasting impact.



Humanitarian Designers is an NGO dedicated to building a vital bridge between the design community and the humanitarian sector. We foster collaborations with NGOs to harness the unique skills and creativity of designers for the greater good. Simultaneously, we engage with design schools to inspire future designers about the profound careers awaiting them in the humanitarian field.

Our mission unfolds in three essential phases:

Awareness: In the initial phase, we raise awareness about the immense potential of design in humanitarian work.

Education: We believe in educating both designers and humanitarian organizations on the immense benefits of collaboration.

Impact: Empowered by knowledge, we facilitate and support these collaborations, paving the way for transformative humanitarian projects.


1. Catalysts of Positive Change:
We are driven by a strong moral compass, fearlessly challenging the norm to open doors of opportunity for all.

2. Community-Centric Approach:
We actively listen to and prioritize the needs of local communities. We champion financial fairness and transparency in all our actions.

3. Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:
We uphold the highest academic and professional standards, ensuring the quality of our work surpasses expectations.

4. Resource Sharing for Global Good:
Our guiding principles revolve around sharing resources for the betterment of both local and international communities. We provide unwavering personal support, communicate based on solid evidence, and maintain a steadfast commitment to doing no harm.

5. Champions of Inclusivity:
In every aspect of our work, we celebrate and promote diversity, equality, and fairness, driving our endeavours towards a more inclusive and just world.

Together, these values and principles propel us toward positive change, ensuring a better world where communities thrive, voices are heard, and lasting impact is made.


Our projects are driven by partner requests and a steadfast commitment to our values. We design comprehensive educational curricula tailored for both designers and humanitarian professionals, offering learning opportunities in both academic and non-academic settings.

In close collaboration with our partners, we actively raise awareness through impactful events, such as congresses, exhibitions, and panel discussions. Additionally, we foster a culture of education and collaboration within design and humanitarian programs, promoting the values of inclusivity and knowledge-sharing.

Leveraging the collective expertise of our vibrant community, we embark on on-site design projects with our partners. These projects are designed to enhance the quality of life and safety for the end-users, contributing to the creation of a more dignified and equitable world. Our unwavering commitment lies in empowering individuals through education and direct action, enabling them to make a profound and positive impact on the communities we serve.



Humanitarian Designers is a non-profit organisation, registered in France (Association Loi 1901) in January 2021.
We are a small team of professional designers that volunteer on this initiative.
We work to the best of our standards and values with the limited resources that we currently have. We grow organically and are always open to new ideas and opportunities.


Our community is at the center of our efforts, benefiting from job postings, educational resources, and sessions. Emphasizing diversity, we operate with a flat hierarchy, inviting voluntary team members from our community to work on various topics facilitated by our coordinators. Strategic work is handled by the co-founders, in collaboration with external advisors, to align community desires with the next steps for Humanitarian Designers. Find out more on the community page.


Our collaborative community is thriving with over 500 members, 7 projects, 1,500 job postings shared, and 350+ individuals educated. We creatively address humanitarian challenges, making a meaningful impact and fostering positive change together. Our journey continues with dedication to creating a better world through our shared passion for making a difference.

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