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To connect, advise, stand and act.

We are the link between committed designers and NGOs.

What are our activities?


We interview committed designers to inspire you; write articles to guide you.


We work with NGOs, designers, and design schools to bridge the gap.


We grow a community of committed designers to build this field together.


Do you need support for your thesis, an internship, a job application? Contact us.

Online training

We support NGOs and volunteers with our free
five-day online training.

Join Humanitarian Designers

Humanitarian Designers is a grassroots NGO. We are registered in France but we have an international online community of +300 members.
Our goal is to bridge the gap between the design and the humanitarian sectors. Funded in 2021, we are growing organically and are still in a learning phase.
If you would like to join our conversations or support our activities, we would be glad to count in!


Interview Agathe Mametz
Agathe Mametz: Design activist, Product designer, Action Populaire, Wiki Trans
Interview Caroline Grellier
Caroline Grellier: Designer, Decolonising design, Benin, Atelier des Griots
Interview Domi Sanji
Domi Sanji: Multidisciplinary designer, Heritage, Madagascar, UNESCO
interview Fanny Oppler profile picture
Fanny Oppler: Graphic designer, Lesbos, One Happy Family


Article Médecins sans Frontières
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) – Doctors Without Borders: activities and jobs
Article European Union work
What is the European Union? Infographics of the EU System 2021​
Article United nations work
How to get a job with the United Nations and work in the humanitarian sector?​


France design week installation

During the France Design Week 2021, we organised our first event in Paris: “Design et Humanitaire: rencontres, convergences”. During this event, we invited 19 international speakers to start a conversation on “how does design serve the humanitarian sector?”; each feedback were collected and mapped in our installation. it was also a moment of gathering for our Community that met for the first time and made this event possible.

Find the recordings on our Youtube channel.

"We want to inspire designers to not do "business as usual" but rather take a strong ethical stand that follows their inner values."
Profile picture Cédric Fettouche
Cédric Fettouche