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Let’s work together!

Humanitarian Designers is a non-profit organisation, registered in France (Association Loi 1901) in January 2021.
We are a small team of professional designers that are volunteering on this initiative.
We work to the best of our standards and values with the limited resources that we have for now. We grow organically and are open to new ideas and opportunities.

Join our community on Slack to meet the team and share your ideas. We are just waiting for you!

We are still a grassroots NGO so we are not accepting interns but we are glad to support students who would like to engage in humanitarian projects during their thesis or internship; and professionals who are shifting careers towards a more committed journey. Contact us if you have any question and we can set up a 1:1 call.

Are your students asking for more meaningful jobs and case studies?
Would you like to run a project around the humanitarian sector to approach difficult topics such as humanitarianism, social impact, privileges, empathy for all human-beings, volunteering, multiculturalism, ethics & do no harm approach, etc?
We have experience in teaching such topics during weekly courses, one-shot course, conferences, webinars, etc.
Reach out to us by email if you are interested.

Contact us so we can organise a call and define together on which project we could work. Please, specify in your message what is your challenge and what kind of support you are looking for.
Our expertise vary on a large range of topics such as design, creativity, workshops, and communication. We believe in long-lasting collaborations and co-created projects; we can ran projects in the field or online based on your needs, both in English and in French.

Do you share the same vision than Humanitarian Designers? Contact us and become a sponsor for one of our project. In 2022, our main activities were about teaching humanitarian design to design students. If our resources are growing, we would also be interested in humanitarian projets.

Are you interested? Do you have a question? Do you have a media request (interview, public presentation)? Send us an email.