Donate to Humanitarian Designers

As a new NGO, your support means that our mission is meaningful. And that’s a great motivation. Thank you.
By donating to Humanitarian Designers:

  • you are linking design students with the aid sector, maybe changing their lives and careers for ever;
  • you are contributing to raise awareness about the design practices on the aid sector;
  • you are supporting projects that impact NGOs and the populations they are serving.

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Who is Humanitarian Designers?

Humanitarian Designers is a new NGO whose mission is to put design at the service of humanitarian projects. We also want to enable and support designers, especially design students, to join humanitarian missions.

The NGO was created by Cédric Fettouche, a design strategist working on the humanitarian sector since 2017. Cédric started as a volunteer on Lesvos, Greece, and rapidly became a coordinator for several humanitarian projects. Working in the field, he observed first-hand how design could be implemented on humanitarian projects. Lately, Cédric was a Field Media Coordinator on the ship Alan Kurdi (Sea-Eye), in Central Mediterranean.

Where will your money go?

To answer to your trust, we are committed to follow our strong ethics and vision.

Our projects

While the Bureau has set up the strategic development of the NGO for 2021, our projects will evolve based on the community of Members that will join us during the year, and the clients that will work with us.

Our existing network of grassroots NGOs in Greece and in France is our main approach to develop pilot-projects. To give an overview, we would like to start the following activities in a short-term plan:

  1. The online training is already available on the website. It’s a great tool to ease the challenges faced by coordinators to train their volunteers.
  2. The online service mapping of grassroots NGOs in Europe helps NGOs to better coordinate their work and create partnerships. It could also help designers who are looking for job opportunities.
  3. Initiate simple workshops on “how to create a resume?” with local associations working on the professional inclusion of refugees. These workshops can be led by student designers.
  4. Collaborate with grassroots NGOs working in Greece, the Balkans, and Calais to see if projects can be launched either in the field or online.

On the other side, our network of design schools in France and in the Netherlands is our main approach to reach and collaborate with students.

  1. We want to empower design students and give them the opportunity to do internships with NGOs. Our role would be to mentor both the intern and the NGO.
  2. We want to advocate to design schools about the possibilities within the aid sector by doing presentations, courses, exhibitions, events, webinars.
As a new NGO, with no paid coordinators, 100% of your donations are going to the projects.

A short admin note about finances

  • Humanitarian Designers is registered in France as a loi 1901 association. We are officially an association, also known as a non-profit organization. There is no legal statutes in France to become a “Non-governmental organization”. But our humanitarian purpose pushes us to use the English term “NGO”. Our first annual report would be available in December 2021 and our statutes are available on demand.
  • You can also become a Member of the association by paying the yearly membership fee of 15€. Doing so, you can take part in the actions and management of the association, and participate to the yearly general assembly. It’s the only mandatory fee that we collect. This fee also goes into our projects. If you wish to become a member but cannot afford to pay the fee, contact us by mail.
  • All the finances are managed on the trusted French platform HelloAsso. They are themselves an association providing 100% free planing tools for associations like us. Their business model is based on a small fee collected during your donations. To be transparent, we want to inform you that this fee is not mandatory and you can change the amount. We still advise you to support their essential work.