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Five day online training

This training is made for people motivated to volunteer in Greece. It has a five-day newsletter crafted after spending two years on Lesvos island and noticing the lack of time and resources from grassroots NGOs to train a constant flux of incoming volunteers. Thus, causing more stress to both the overburden coordinators and the volunteers working on the field for their first time.

We launched this training in 2019, and we updated the content in 2021, to support the grassroots NGOs in Greece. The training received great feedback from the participants, who enjoyed receiving one short resourceful email per day on their mailbox.

Note to NGOs: if you want to tailor this training to your own activities, region, and branding, you can contact us.
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What is the training about?

The training is sent daily on your mailbox so you can learn at your own path. Each day, dive into one important topic that will help you to better work with your NGO but also connect better with local population.
The training includes:

A bit stressed before your departure? This training aims to provide a large but selected amount of neutral information. With more than 50 links, you can dive into the topics where you are least comfortable, and avoid searching for hours content that may end up being non-relevant.

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Are you an NGO? Would you like to use this training for all your volunteers?

Contact us and we can support the implementation:

  • You choose the content: your logo, your activities, your links.
  • You keep the control of your data.
  • We set it up for you.

Based on the amount of work needed, the training could be ready within a week. Our service is free but as an NGO, we do expect a donation to support our missions. Let’s discuss!

Do you want to quickly review all the mails at once? Drop us a message and we will send them all to your mailbox.

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