Become a Member of Humanitarian Designers

1. If you want to join the Slack of Humanitarian Designers, fill the form and you will be automatically redirected to it. You will get access to

  • our community & discussions;
  • job board;
  • database of committed organisations & companies;
  •  news & fun.

2. If you want to become an official Member of the NGO Humanitarian Designers, you must pay the Membership fee from the form down the page. By doing so, you can:

  • take part in Humanitarian Designers’ projects;
  • participate in the yearly General Assembly;
  • have a voice in the development of the NGO;
  • be mentored on your projects.

In both case, you can join us on Slack so we can get in touch!

Is the form not working? Send us an email, thank you for your patience 🙂

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Become a Member

Find a quick FAQ below the form.


  • We know that different countries may have different cultural understanding on organisation’s management. To be more inclusive, we would like to bring a quick clarification. In France, the fee that you are paying to become a Member is a way to say “I want to work with the NGO so I am donating to financially support the projects we will work on together”. Indeed, the fee is entirely redirected to our projects. Becoming a Member is not a way to “buy access” to our community, we do not owe you something. We hope this can alleviate some misunderstanding.
  • The Membership form isn’t showing up? Click here instead.
  • Do you have trouble navigating on the French form? Go to the English “Donate page“. The Membership fee is 15€.
  • The option “Pot-Commun” (shared piggy bank) on the form is to donate twice the amount and support a fellow Member. If you would like to join but cannot afford 15€, contact us by email.
  • We are using Mailchimp to handle the Slack form.
  • We are using the non-profit HelloAsso to handle the Membership form and our finances (Membership & Donations).